Cross laminated nonwovens for filtration

M. Levillain*, JX Nippon ANCI SAS, France

Designed to maximize performance-to-weight ratio and performance-to-thickness ratio, Cross Laminated Nonwovens by JX Nippon ANCI combine a MD oriented web with a CD oriented web.

Two products will be introduced:

Claf Invisible Power made from two PE or PP coextruded films, one oriented and fibrillated in MD and one oriented and fibrillated in CD, thermally bonded together, CLAF® Fabrics are used in filtration media as carrier and/or as reinforcement, giving strength and dimension stability.

mililife - the silk touch , is a fine denier PET Nonwoven made from webs of continuous PET filaments, one web oriented in MD and one oriented in CD, thermally bonded together. The filaments have an average diameter of only 10 µm. Milife ® nonwovens offer a no lint, no fraying, low elongation, lightweight and strong substrate for filtration media.

JX Nippon ANCI will also share two of their current developments with the Filtech delegates:

Microfiber Milife: Based on Milife technology this range will offer an average filament diameter of 2,6 µm generating an even thinner substrate with very promising percolation properties.

JX Nanofibers Nonwovens: JX Nippon Oil & Energy and Yamanashi University in Japan have come up with an innovative way to manufacture nanofibers nonwovens, the Laser Supersonic Stretching method, promising a higher production efficiency together with the elimination of the solvent and all issues related to solvents when compared to the current Electrospinning technology.

The fibers will made from Polypropylene and have a diameter between 200 and 500 nm. Applications will be in air filtration....

Session: F5 - Filter Media - Advanced Manufacturing Methods III
Day: 13 October 2016
Time: 13:00 - 14:15 h

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