Measurement of filtration efficacy by simultaneous qualitative laser diffraction and quantitative image analysis

T. D. Benen*, Microtrac GmbH, Germany; P.E. Plantz, Microtrac Inc, USA

Both laser diffraction and dynamic image analysis are proven and widely used tools to monitor the efficacy of filtration processes. Laser diffraction as an ensemble technique can cover a broad range of particle sizes from as low as 10 nanometer up to 2-3 millimeter.

Dynamic image analysis typically starts at 1 micrometer and goes up to several millimeters, and can assess also particle numbers in a quantitative way. Furthermore, image analysis allows for the assessment of over 30 optical parameters to reveal morphology and particle identity. Traditionally, these methods are used separately and need their own sample preparation.

However, after combining newest tri-laser diffraction technology with state-of-the-art image analysis, it is possible to incorporate these two measurement methods in a single device, with just one sample preparation for both methods. This reduces the time and operational cost by 50% and equipment acquisition by 40%. We show examples of simultaneous employment of laser diffraction and dynamic image analysis for several filtration methods like ceramic and polymer filters.

Session: L11 / F1- Short Oral + Poster Presentations
Day: 12 October 2016
Time: 14:45 - 16:45 h

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