Reicofil®Meltblown - Fine fiber production technologies for future demands

M. Wüscht*, D. Frey, M. Jansen, Reifenhäuser Reicofil GmbH, Germany

Today’s modern Filter applications have to fulfill a huge variety of demands. Besides it´s filtration efficiency a certain mechanical resistance for pre- and post- processing is required. For saving energy and costs for operation at fans and blowers, the influence of the pressure drop come more and more in the center of attention.
Regarding environmental sustainability and product life cycles a minimized pressure drop is desirable and subject of increasing demands. Especially the further growth of polluted air and / or increasing requirements shows the vital importance of filter applications in everyday life and the necessity for filtration of air borne pollution in human environment. So not only the technological feasibility of producing filter material, which fulfills todays requirements is important but rather the need of having cost- efficient production methods.

To overcome the tradeoff of high outputs and so high productivity rates while facing decreasing product performance will enable the production for disposable and low cost products with high filtration standards.

A combination of several filter layers with different filament-diameter and –distribution as a combined product as well as intentionally adjusted air permeability´s will be a promising approach to fulfill those requirements and help to develop modern filter media. In addition the importance of the Nonwoven Structure in the third Dimension, for depth filtration purposes and the use as a pre filter, face a constant growth.

To reduce the penetration of the fine filter section and supports the efforts to minimize material usage and pressure loss, Reicofil offers a new approach of producing high loft Meltblown materials and enlarge the flexibility of its productions lines. Also an improved technology will be presented to fulfill the requirements for ultra-fine fiber Meltblown material by having mean Fiber diameter of ~500nm while matching at the same time the requirements for high productivity and annual outputs. ...

Session: F5 - Filter Media - Advanced Manufacturing Methods III
Day: 13 October 2016
Time: 13:00 - 14:15 h

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