New on line diesel fuel analysis method (application to water fuel separation efficiency test as per ISO 16332)

N. Petillon*, IFTS, M. Jourdain, Metrohm, France

The new common rail technologies impose the fuel circuit to be as clean as possible and free of water especially just upstream to the fuel nozzles of the injection equipment. That is the reason why the main diesel fuel filter manufacturers are requested to propose the most efficient fuel water separators to the FEI manufacturers (such as BOSCH). Both all these automotive suppliers have developed with the help of the independent filter test laboratory IFTS a new fuel water separation efficiency standard referred as ISO 16332.

This standard is designed to be as much representative as possible to the reality in terms of diesel fuel conditions. It is now requested to measure on line the droplet sizes of the water to be injected upstream the fuel water separator (FWS), to titrate on line the water content upstream and downstream to the FWS. Some apparatus such as laser diffractometer or some coaxial condensators have already been validated and standardized but all these apparatus are very expensive by themselves and are consuming a lot of space around the fuel Water separation test rig. IFTS has validated an unique apparatus combining as well the “on-line” measurement of the water content as the validation of the droplet size and furthermore allowing to....

Session: L20 - Fuel Filtration III - Analysis and Efficiency Testing
Day: 13 October 2016
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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