Aerosol Generation in accordance to different filtration standards

S. Schütz, M. Schmidt, Palas® GmbH, Germany

Conventional aerosol generators are used with certain pre-defined settings to generate the required aerosol. Changes within the aerosol material, the ambient conditions as well as the used settings can change the particle size distribution as well as the concentration, the mass flow, the dosing constancy, the standard deviation of repeatability and the response time of the produced aerosol. Therefore aerosol generators must characterized accordingly.

The German VDI group (association of German Engineers) revised the requirements on the characterization of aerosol generators. The revised version of the VDI 3491 strongly increases the requirements in the verification of aerosol generator characteristics and will include amongst others the following:
- definition of the mass flow
- particle size distribution
- standard deviation of repeatability
- response time
including the corresponding tolerances
To prove those aerosol generator characteristics, a well-defined measurement device (or combination of measurement device) with a high resolution is needed, which covers...

Session: G14 - Filter Testing
Day: 13 October 2016
Time: 13:00 - 14:15 h

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