Continuous welding, simultaneous edge sealing and bonding of pleated filter media

A. Korz, JUKI CENTRAL EUROPE sp. z o.o., Poland

Innovative high tech filtration is becoming more important than ever. New materials in filtration require processes that are non- or less destructive to the surface of the filtration materials. In order to maintain the filtration accuracy at the welded and sealed edges the optimum machine parameters and technology during the continuous operation is mandatory. This paper aims to examine new technology that has been designed and successfully implemented into the manufacturing process of different filtration modules.

The paper looks at the new technology of continuous welding, edge sealing in one operation, the continuous bonding technology and the important parameters of these processes. The author will show how a continuous process minimizes the manufacturing time; hence the manufacturing cost is also decreased tremendously. The case of non weldable materials with the bonding technology is also investigated. With the smooth application of an adhesive between the respective non weldable materials this process can still be implemented with benificial results. The paper conculudes that this bonding technology opens a new variety of connections between medias that even have different melting temperatures and materials....

Session: F3 - Filter Media - Advanced Manufacturing Methods I
Day: 13 October 2016
Time: 09:00 - 10:15 h

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