Non-stop production with vacuum drum filters

U. Hoffner*, BOKELA GmbH, Germany

Drum filters represent the most applied rotary filter technology. Drum filters are used for filtration, washing and dewatering of a multitude of different products in a wide range of industrial applications e.g. in the minerals, salt, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

A main drawback of conventional drum filters is however the troublesome and time consuming change of filter cloth. Typically this procedure requires long downtimes of many hours and leads to a plant shut down and loss of production if no spare unit is available.

BOKELA has designed a new drum filter generation which overcomes these drawbacks to enable highest availability for non-stop production. As a special design characteristic these new drum filters have exchangeable filter cells. The innovative single cell design takes advantage of individual filter elements as known from rotary disc filters. The filter cloth is made as bag and each cell can be exchanged individually. This allows a simple and fast re-clothing in about 1 hour.

The paper presents characteristics and details of the filter design and reports on operational experiences...

Session: L8 - Continuous Vacuum and Pressure Filters
Day: 14 March 2018
Time: 13:00 - 14:15 h

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