Facilitated extraction and recovery of Methylene Blue and Blue P3R dye by affinity polymer membranes containing chitin as new extractive agent

Y. Chaouqi*, R. Ouchn, M. Hlaibi, Université Hassan II Casablanca; O. Cherkaoui, M. El Bouchti, ESITH Casablanca - REMTEX, Morroco; A. Jada, Institut de Sciences des Matériaux de Mulhouse, France

It is essential to remove the dye waste water or treat it in such a way as to minimize damage to the environment and also to bleach water. Various methods based on the use of adsorbents, biological degradation, coagulation–flocculation, Fenton's oxidation, membrane separation, ozone oxidation, have been used to remove dyes from aqueous solutions. In the present work, we developed asymmetric membranes based on polymer supports Polyvinyllidene fluoride (PVDF) and polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), according to the phase inversion technique with chitin and chitosan as extractive agents. These membranes were prepared to achieve facilitated extraction and recovery of Bleu P3R dye from simulated aqueous textile solutions, and they were characterized by using several methods such as Infra Red spectroscopy (IR) and Scanning Electronic Microscopy (SEM). Further, kinetic and thermodynamic models based on Fick's first law, and the saturation law of the extractive agent by Bleu P3R dye substrate, have been used to quantify the performance of each membrane. Thus, macroscopic (permeability, P and initial flux, J0) and microscopic (association constant Kass, and apparent diffusion coefficient D*) parameters were assessed. In addition, the use of these models allowed to determine the association constant Kass,, related to the association of the MB with each extractive agent, and the apparent diffusion coefficient D*, describing the movement nature of Bleu P3R molecules through each membrane phase. Furthermore, by using the theoretical models, the activation parameters energy, Ea, enthalpy ΔH¹ and the entropy ΔS¹, were determined, and their values were used to explain the performance of each membrane for the observed removal of the Bleu P3R molecules from water, and to elucidate the mechanism of the studied process. The overall data indicate that...

Session: M6 - Process and Waste Water Treatment I
Day: 15 March 2018
Time: 10:45 - 12:00 h

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