Compomesh – New high-performance metal filter medium through the coordinated combination of a depth filter medium with a woven wire cloth

M. Müller*, Spörl KG, Germany

Due to their high chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance, metallic filter media can be used in demanding operating conditions, for example in the form of high process pressures and temperatures or sharp-edged particles which have to be deposited. With their regular and well defined structure, metal wire meshes have a narrow pore size distribution [1] and thus guarantee an excellent separation and classifying accuracy. Depending on the combination of the warp wires and the weft wires during the weaving process, the production of different types of weave with different aperture sizes is possible.

The different types of weave also show different filtration behaviours during the separation of particles out of a gaseous continuous phase. The dirt holding capacity as well as the load depending separation efficiency are investigated experimentally with an air-solid test-rig to compare the different types of weave. The circular shaped filter media are continuously loaded with Arizona Test Dust coarse, which is dispersed uniformly into the measuring section by a brush disperser and electrically neutralized with a corona discharge unit. A speed-controlled vacuum pump allows the measurements at a constant flow velocity of the filter media. With the continuously measured pressure loss across the filter medium, the dirt holding capacity can be determined. Using a commercial light-scattering aerosol-spectrometer the load-dependent separation efficiency can be determined. The performed experimental investigations show...

Session: G7 - Filter Loading
Day: 14 March 2018
Time: 10:45 - 12:00 h

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