Development of a tree-like flow channel for the application of air filtration system

D.-L. Yang*, Y.-H. Chou, S.-C. Lee., A.-B. Wang, Y.-H. Hsu, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

In this study, we present our study on using a tree-like channel to create a uniform flow profile with a low velocity and a large filtration area for the application of air filtration. Study has shown that the level of convective flow could affect the filtration efficiency of an electret filter.[1] The filtration efficiency of a PM2.5 filter could be much enhanced under a lower face velocity, especially electrostatic filters. In this paper, we designed a tree-like channel to create a large area with a uniform flow profile and to reduce the level of pressure drop for the overall filtration system. This designed is based on the local enhancement of pressure at the bifurcations of each junction that suggested by Ghaedamini et al.
We illustrate the design of the air flow filtration channel. We introduce the concept of biomechanics of a human lung into a air filtration system. A hieratical structure was designed to simulate trachea ducting system. By using the design of bifurcation structures, the filtration area can be expended effectively....

Session: G4 - Electret Filter Media
Day: 14 March 2018
Time: 09:00 - 10:15 h

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