Fabrication of membrane distillation for enhanced desalination

S.-S. Chen*, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan

In this era of nanotechnology, electrospun nanofibrous membrane attempts versatile characteristics such as mechanical toughness and large surface area that generates them attractive for various applications. Compared to all the techniques for producing nanofibers, electrospinning technology is found to be one of the emerging methodologies. Furthermore, electrospinning technique offers uniform pore size which is considered to be one of the important characteristics of membrane. Consequently, the electrospun membranes are increasingly being utilized to many water treatment applications such as membrane distillation and pretreatment of feed prior to reverse osmosis or nanofiltration processes by the removal of divalent metal ions, and other contaminants. Additionally, in more emphasis has been given on optimization of processing parameters and fabrication of electrospun nanofibrous non-woven membranes and modification of surface chemistry for the application of desalination. The other problems such as limitations, research challenges and future perspectives will be discussed. Apart from electrospinning technology, phase inversion technique will also be highlighted for efficient membrane fabrication for enhanced desalination....

Session: M1 - New Membranes I
Day: 14 March 2018
Time: 09:00 - 10:15 h

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