Air filter testing in a changing world

M. Stillwell*, Particle Technology Ltd, UK

Test standard EN 779:2012 is widely used in the filtration industry to categorise the performance of air filter elements and filter media under a set of conditions that enables them to be compared on the same basis. Filter elements include traditional square profile units used in heating and ventilation systems, and cartridge filters used to protect gas turbine machinery.

Eurovent is the industry body for HVAC filters, and their aim is to help users of air filters select with confidence the most appropriate filter element for their particular application, by verifying the performance data specified by the filter manufacturer. An additional requirement from Eurovent is to rate the energy efficiency of the filter element according to a standard test procedure. There are a number of filter manufacturers that are accredited by Eurovent, and this is regarded by many to be the gold standard in the market. The performance verification work is carried out by a small number of Eurovent approved test houses, which are dotted around Europe including France, Sweden and Finland. There are, however, a larger number of filter manufacturers and test houses that are not accredited by Eurovent, and some filter manufacturers have their own in-house test facilities.

Particle Technology initiated a project in early 2016 to build an air filter test system in accordance with standard EN 779:2012, which is now accredited by UKAS to standard ISO 17025:2005. This project also extends to include the new four part standard ISO 16890:2016. Although a large part of EN 779:2012 appears in the new standard, there are some key changes which have added a degree of uncertainty and complexity around its introduction. For example, air filters will now be rated according to their efficiency in removing particular matter at particle sizes up to 1.0, 2.5 and 10.0 microns. There are also some equipment and procedural additions to consider including a large particle (salt) aerosol generator used for efficiency testing, and a vapour discharge cabinet used to expose whole filter elements to IPA vapour (Figure 1).

Figure 1: A) Large particle (salt) aerosol generator from TSI, B) IPA vapour discharge cabinet from TOPAS

The purpose of this presentation is to give a basic overview of Particle Technology’s air filter test system and to provide some analysis of the two major additional items of equipment: the large particle (salt) aerosol generator and the IPA vapour discharge cabinet....

Session: G8 - Filter Classification and Standardisation
Day: 14 March 2018
Time: 13:00 - 14:15 h

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