Characterising the world’s smallest plain weave stainless steel meshes by image analysis

G. Rideal*, K. Brocklehurst, Whitehouse Scientific Ltd, UK

Plain weave stainless steel wire meshes represent one of the most accurate ways of producing precisely defined filter media where the apertures are controlled by a combination of wire diameter and precision weaving technology. Recent metallurgical developments in the ductility of stainless steel has enabled wires to be uniformly drawn down to 16 microns whilst maintaining sufficient tensile strength for them to survive the rigors of the weaving process. As a result it is now possible to produce filter media with open square apertures as low as 15 microns with comparatively high porosities. These precision wire meshes have found applications in critical industries such as pharmaceuticals, where accuracy in classifying powders is of paramount importance. It is therefore essential that these filters are accurately characterised for quality control purposes.

Image analysis is one of the highest precision analytical tools in that the pore sizes and wire diameters can be directly measured. However, there are several elements in the analysis procedure that must be validated in order to obtain reproducible and traceable results. By using high magnifications of up 0.08 microns per pixel referenced against NIST traceable Electroformed sieves, it has been possible to achieve...

Session: F1 - Filter Media - Quality Control and Pore Size Analysis I
Day: 13 March 2018
Time: 13:00 - 14:15 h

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