Exact Characterization of Filter Pores

QUANTACHROME presents the POROMETER 3G series for measuring throughpore sizes using the liquid expulsion technique. The 3G series offers a sufficiently wide pressure range to be able to analyze filter and membrane pores from less than 20nm to about 500µm. The porometers of the 3G series are compact and automatic with various options for additional permeability measurement and optimized flow rates.

Few advantages of the POROMETER 3G series: quickly, reproducible, according to ASTM standard methods as D6767, E128, F316, to use with a wide variety of materials like woven and non-woven filter materials, membranes, papers or sintered metals. In addition to the POROMETER 3G QUANTACHROME offers test and contract measurements of your filter and membrane samples.

We are specialists for analytical instruments, contract analyzes and method developments for comprehensive characterization of dispersions, powders and porous solids, including pore structure of filter materials and membranes, pore size distribution, porosity, permeability, particle size, BET surface area, density, zeta potential and stability of original emulsions and suspensions, drying characteristics of coatings, water vapor sorption, sample divider.

We are exclusive agency of the manufacturers QUANTACHROME, CILAS, DISPERSION TECHNOLOGY and FORMULACTION.

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Printed on 2017-12-11