As one of the UK's leading and most respected filter testing, dust testing and test dust suppliers, Particle Technology operates at the forefront of product reliability, supplying and supporting customers all over the world.

Our modern facilities include a dedicated filter test unit, a production area for test dust, a clean room for cleanliness testing, laboratories for particle characterisation and one of the UK’s largest facilities for sand and dust testing. Particle Technology is accredited by UKAS (4109) for cleanliness testing and sand and dust testing, and operates to ISO 9001 standards.

Particle Technology Ltd has many years of experience in air filter efficiency testing to various standards including ISO 5011 and EN 779. We can conduct air filter performance testing in a number of formats using a range of test materials to simulate real life conditions.

Particle Technology has access to a range of fans and compressors allowing flow rates up to 10 000 cubic metres per hour to be achieved. A selection of calibrated dust feeders means that dust concentrations can be controlled from a few milligrams up to hundreds of milligrams per cubic metre. Industry standard particle counters are used to determine filtration efficiency at different particle sizes

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Printed on 2017-12-14