Köksal otomotiv has been running in the field of automotive spare part marketing since 1975.

Köksal otomotiv began import and export from 1990 on and has continued to the present day.

After 2000, Köksal otomotiv joined manufacturing sector by making investments in production of Passenger and Light Commercial Car Plastic Body Parts.

3 years later, Köksal Otomotiv continued making investment for Plastic Filter Elements by recommendation of its valued customers.

Köksal otomotiv has more than 500 different Plastic Filter Element References in its production line.

The products of KÖKSAL OTOMOTİV have been preferred by well-known filter manufacturers in the world.

Köksal otomotiv has cnc machines in different sizes and injection machines in various tonnages in its own plant located in İstanbul, Turkey.

Main product range of Köksal Otomotiv consists of european car parts,Plastic Filter Elements and İnjection moulds, but Köksal otomotiv also develop special projects according to customers request.

The most important feature of Köksal otomotiv is designing & molding in our plant. Köksal otomotiv is a completely entegrated with desinging, processing, injection, packaging and marketing

Köksal otomotiv continues production by renewing itself, folllowing the lastest technology, paying attention to quality and offering the best with competitive prices

Mission of koksal otomotiv is taking the place between the best and compete with its competitors in quality.

We are ready to be best supplier of you.

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Printed on 2017-10-20