JX Nippon ANCI SAS, part of the JX Holdings Group Japan, will display:

Nanofibers, Microfibers and new fabrics for the filtration market.


A cross-laminated reinforcement net made of PE or PP. Thanks to its open mesh structure, reinforcing other materials (films, foils, paper, NW, foam) is possible while not affecting permeability or breathability. CLAF® processes easily on thermal bonding, extrusion coating, adhesive lamination etc. Its superior dimensional stability, thin profile and high strength-to-weight ratio enable manufacturers to upgrade their products' performances and reduce production time.


A unique bi-axial PET NW by its silky, paper-like appearance and good printability. Its flat surface, thin profile and uniformity make MILIFE ideal for decorative/packaging products as well as several industrial applications.

Highly engineered laminates based on CLAF or MILIFE.

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Printed on 2018-06-20