The Institute for Biotechnical Process Design (IBioPD) has set itself the objective to realize and analyse complete processes in the field of bio- and pharmaceutical technology with an interdisciplinary approach as well as to optimize these processes in order to preserve resources.

Our team possesses a widespread know-how in the field of production processes – especially in the biopharmaceutical area – as well as in (bio-)chemical analytics. Comprehensive laboratory and pilot-plant equipment is available for R&D projects at the institute.

One of the research topics of the institute is the high-gradient magnetic separation. The aim is to develop this unit procedure up to process scale for (bio-)catalyst recycling or downstream processing. This includes optimization of the separation process itself (e.g. different geometries of filter matrices) as well as the immobilisation of enzymes or the sorption of target molecules onto suitable magnetic particles.

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Printed on 2018-07-17