FISIPE is a European producer of acrylic fibres with plant at Lavradio, Portugal, operating since 1976.

The company was set up in 1973 as a result of a joint-venture between CUF and the Japanese Mitsubishi Group and in September 2012 the German SGL Group, the largest European producer of carbon fibres, concluded the acquisition of 100% of the company’s stock capital.

FISIPE, from a company producing basically standard textile fibre, has gradually become a producer of special acrylic fibres, namely pre-dyed fibres, functional fibres and fibres for technical applications. We are an exporting company (99% of our production) that sells in markets worldwide.

Based on the strategic option elected – to invest, through innovation and a systematic research, in new applications for the acrylic fibre as well as in new requirements in the current segments, the company started to develop carbon fibre precursors (CFP).

With the entry of the SGL Group in FISIPE, this project gained a new dynamics and dimension, which implies the gradual conversion of some production lines of textile fibres for the production of these new high quality fibres (CFP).

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Printed on 2017-12-14