Cara Filter Asia Company has been established in 2006, aimed at making inlet air, water and Hepa filters.

The company built In a land area 4000 square meters in the city of Qom very close to capital Tehran. The company started by the idea and goal of meet the needs of different parts of power plants , refineries, petrochemical and industrial sectors .Cara Filter Asia to develop engineering services obtained to projects such as switching power turbine inlet air filtration system and heretofore several projects have been implemented in this field.

The company is already being produced several types of air filters such as Cylindrical, Cylindrical- Tapered, Cartridge, Panel , Bags and… on a daily basis without interruption. Also in this year hemp cement filters production line is placed on its agenda and very soon will go into mass production.

In the other parts of this organization, by cooperating with the expert technical and engineering team for design, consultation, operating and installation of any types of active filtration system, we have appropriated projects, which are developing day by day. The R&D team by search and checking the industrial requirements in different parts are busy to offer the newest and updated filters design to increase efficiency in the way of saving energy.

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Printed on 2018-07-17