Shijiazhuang Chentai Filter Paper Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of filter media for Engine and Industrial Filtration with thirty years proven track record of providing quality products to customers in China and around the globe.

Chentai’s cellulose filter paper rank No.1 in China, No.2 in Asia, and among the top 5 in the world in terms of production and sales volume. The company's continuously increased investment in technology, product and service is taking it further into the
high-end market and high value customers.

The Company has 6 advanced production lines of cellulose and cellulose/synthetic filter paper, with over 25,000 tons of the annual production capacity and product versatility to provide the most competitive solutions to its global and domestic customers.
The company’s newly added nanofiber product line is the first high speed nanofiber production in China with the world class technical support in nanofiber process technology and product design; the company strives to provide the best nanofiber filtration media to the world market.

Chentai’s current products include wide range of M6, F7, F8 cellulose, cellulose/synthetic filter paper with and without flame retardant,flat and corrugated, F7, F8, F9 nanofiber media, high dust loading capacity, excellent pulse cleanability, excellent processability and environmental resistance, for industrial dust collectors, air pollution control, gas turbine air inlet filtration, automotive and heavy duty engine filtration, and others.

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Printed on 2018-06-24